Telecom Italia Capital
Telecom Italia Capital has issued in the past various bonds: in this section, you will find important information on Telecom Italia Capital bond issues since 2008, furthermore you may find information on past issuances by referring to Telecom Italia S.p.A website.

Past issuances Telecom Italia Capital

The offering circular, pricing supplements, information and listing memorandum on bond issuances, terms and conditions, and notices on financial instruments are published in accordance with relevant prevailing laws.

Please note that none of the securities described in the Prospectuses are proposed for sale or offered by Telecom Italia Capital. For the limitation to the circulation of the notes, please refer to appropriate sections in the relevant documents.

Prospectuses are up to date to the moment of respective issuance, for adjournments please refers to Financials of the Company and the Group.

2009 Issuances (US 87927VAW81 and US 872456AA66) (.pdf-EN-) 2008 Bond Issuances (US 87927VAU26 and US 87927VAV09) (.pdf-EN-)